AG Education Consult was founded by Anne Grace Mbabazi in response to the struggles she faced in order to get quality education in the United Kingdom.

She lacked information and had to do research in order to find a legitimate university which will admit her but most importantly which is affordable to her. Lastly, she struggled with obtaining a Visa and adapting to the foreign environment. Motivated by all these struggles, while in the UK, she started working with various partners in the education sector to ease African student’s access to all the information and their transition to the new environment.

While in the UK She gained her expertise by working with the best universities as a special education counselor. AG Education is based in Africa in order to serve at best the need of their customers.

AG Education Consult, partners with different reputable universities all over the world to enable African students to explore the world and all the opportunities that quality education provides.

Our pride is always to see the career success of our students!



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